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About Us

Cap Averill II and Associates is a well established place of business in the Midwest. For over 60 years clients have depended on the Averill family for help with their IRAs, 401ks, Tax Sheltered annuities, and other insurance and annuity needs, be it tax qualified or after tax.

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Offering Independent Advice

Cap Averill II and Associates is an independent agency. Our independence means that as a client, you have our undivided loyalty and expertise.

Furthermore, our independence allows us the flexibility to offer you what we see as the best in class products to fit a variety of needs. For example, the fixed indexed annuities we offer are designed by highly rated companies with proven track records, and cutting edge design.

Retirement Planning

Many other entities have sprung up in recent years who claim to do “the same thing as Cap Averill II and Associates Inc.”

Before buying, come in to find out for yourself.

We focus on helping our clients attain higher rates of interest on their retirement savings. For example, fixed indexed annuities provide the potential to earn interest based in part on the performance of various market indices. More importantly, the annuities we recommend protect your account value from market declines.

Our focus on protecting hard earned savings from loss is a priority. Our benchmark is recommending products which we would use for our own family’s retirement planning.”

Public Service

Mentoring is important to those who share the award winning credentials we have, so we make giving back a big part of what we do. Some of our public service initiatives include:

  • Supporting and providing insights to small business owners.
  • Authoring and producing values driven financial documentaries which are nationally distributed on Public Television through the National Educational Television Association, and provided to schools and organizations across the country.
  • Supporting special needs organizations and efforts to promote goodwill between people of different backgrounds, races and religions.


The best part about dealing with us is our fantastic staff. Our staff members have been with us longer than many local firms have been in business. Although semi-retired now, Cap Averill Sr. was licensed back in the 1960’s.
Give us a call at  (419)531-7794.
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Life Insurance

Although retirement savings is considered our specialty, we are also well versed in all forms of life insurance products including irrevocable insurance trusts, pension maximization, buy-sell agreements, etc.

We are Here For You!

At Cap Averill II and Associates we recognize it can be stressful to talk about money. To put you at ease, please understand that we believe the most important thing is to be motivated to save for your future needs in a way that is dependable, and doesn’t risk the principal you already have.

Often those who come to us have already tried different savings strategies only to be disappointed. We prefer to focus on getting you a strong start in growing you retirement savings in order to help you begin seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

All meetings with us are at no cost regardless of how many times you want to meet. At your direction, we are happy to work with your attorney, accountant, family member or anyone upon whom you depend for feedback and advice.

  • We do not even try to be the best at everything, we specialize in offering what we see as the best in class to our clients, for providing excellent rates of return, while mitigating risk the most that is possible.

  • If you are looking for active trading and a stock brokerage house environment, we are not the place.

  • We believe in the products we offer.


Retirement Planning


Single Purpose Planning

Meeting 1
Are you considering using our services? We make it easy for you to test drive us. There is no cost to meet with us regardless of how often we meet. We won’t be disappointed if you decide not to do business with us.

We are eager to win you over, not just based on service, but based on watching the bottom line. This is where several generations of planning experience will serve you well.

We are not intimidated by other advisers and are happy to work with them or compete with them for your business. In fact, we will happily give you a no obligation second opinion to help you evaluate a new plan or the one you currently have. It keeps everyone on their toes.


Multiple Purpose Planning / Comprehensive Planning


In many cases, our established clients initially came to us seeking better performance with money they wanted to have at lower risk. Then, over time they continued to gravitate to us because we competed well based on results.
Healthy competition on results is good for a portfolio. I am a firm believer that before personally using risky investments, I find out first what I can attain with lower risk choices. Without taking that crucial step, I may be assuming unnecessary risk and missing out on the solid returns.

We work well with customers who want to be highly involved in following their money, as well as those customers who want to be sure they have professionals they can trust handling their funds.


Rollover Decision?

iStock_000003943289Have a decision to make regarding a rollover?

We have helped thousands of people handle their pension rollovers from Fortune 500 companies, medium and small businesses including DANA, GM, CHRYSLER, FORD, OWENS ILLINOIS, JEEP, ANDERSONS, as well as PROMEDICA HEALTH SYSTEM, MERCY HEALTH, TOLEDO CLINIC, FLOWER HOSPITAL, ST.LUKES, MERCY ST VINCENTS, and TOLEDO RADIOLOGISTS, NEUROLOGISTS. We also provide 401k plans for various other entities.

With respect to 401ks, 403bs, IRAs, and virtually any other form of tax qualified plan, we can help you roll yours over on a tax preferred basis.


You are all the most wonderful and helpful people I know. You are the only people I trust with my money. I love you guys.

Tallahassee, FL

Life Insurance

Although retirement savings is considered our specialty, we are also well versed in all forms of life insurance products including irrevocable insurance trusts, pension maximization, buy-sell agreements, etc.


Happy Clients

Hear our happy customers tell the story!

  • Cap and his staff gave us as much time as it takes to answer all of our questions. We’re not being treated as a number, we’re being treated with respect, and with the utmost dignity.

    Bryan, OH
  • Cap is a ‘real’ guy and doesn’t give you a ‘stuffy shirt’ attitude. Easy to talk with.

    Delta, OH
  • We are happy clients because they treat us like family and when you have concerns or questions, they address them immediately. Having been with Cap for 21 plus years we have gained significantly. We sleep very well at night.

    Toledo, OH
  • Everything is as advertised.

    Holland, OH
  • I have had several retirement planners over the years, but I’m happiest with Cap.

    Toledo, OH
  • They represent what is best for me and not what is in their best interest.

    Toledo, OH
  • With Cap Averill II and Associates, I have always felt that I mattered! Some large companies want to ‘handle your money’ but hardly care about the client.

    Cincinnati, OH
  • You are all the most wonderful and helpful people I know. You are the only people I trust with my money. I love you guys.

    Tallahassee, FL


Or: Questions we get asked a lot!

When it comes to investing, sometimes you just want to know right now. That’s OK, that’s what our FAQ section is for. Here you’ll find answers to all the questions the Cap Averill & Associates staff gets asked on a day-to-day basis.

We handle each client with the same care we take with our own money, regardless of whether they are a multi-millionaire or just starting out.
As often as you wish, at no additional cost. We strongly recommend at least once per year, but many of our clients enjoy quarterly or more frequent visits. 
To some extent, utilizing retirement deposits into tax qualified plans if eligible, and/or tax deferral.**
Proper estate planning and or proper beneficiary designations.***
Yes, and some products can be set up for more frequent or less
frequent payments.
Yes, we use the same products we recommend to our customers.
One thousand dollars ($1,000.00), but we recommend two thousand
dollars ($2,000.00) as a good starting place.
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Human Interest

Front cover of City Paper

Cap has been the anchor of WSPD 1370 “Cap Averill II and Associates Inc Financial News, as well as has co anchored the Public Television documentary “Wants and Needs”, Co Hosted with Gordon Ward.

He has been featured as a guest on FOX NEWS, WSPD, WTOL, WTVG, CONKLIN AND COMPANY, as well as has won international awards for his documentaries and independent films at the Hollywood International High Definition Festival, Paramount Studios Hollywood, International Wildlife Film Festival, Montana Cinefest, Ozark Mountain Film Festival, as well as others. He studied at The University of Toledo, The Ohio State University, and University of California Santa Barbara. He is constantly pursuing additional honors and levels of educational achievement in his field.



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